Feminism has been around for hundreds of years. Women who lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s had started to take matters into their own hands in order to fight for their equality.

The strong empowering females stood against the patriarchy in defiance of only being known as “that which gives birth.” They fought for the right to vote and they won it. They fought for equal work and they won it.

So what does feminism have to stand for today? Let’s discuss certain things that a feminist should do and shouldn’t do in today’s day and age.


1. A feminist today should believe that women are more than capable of doing almost every job a man can do. Of course there will always be very gender specific niches and jobs that a man can’t do for a woman and a woman can’t do for a man.

This does not mean that there is inequality. For example; a man cannot create a child and a woman cannot pee standing up with their pants still on (unless you’re trying to have some major complications).

2. Feminists should understand and be grateful for the things they have already accomplished in life rather than being angry at the things they haven’t.

Many extreme feminist, or feminazis, today are very angry and miserable people because they are not happy with what they’ve done and will stop at nothing to make sure they are more than equal to men. This is where the downfall of Feminism starts.

3. Understand that women also have certain privileges that men don’t have and visa versa. Women have a very biased court agenda towards them.

A woman can yell, “Rape!” towards the direction of any man and that man will be detained, questioned, and probably have his entire reputation destroyed without a shred of evidence to back it up.

A man would get laughed in the face if he tried to yell, “Rape!” to a woman. Of course men have their own privileges as well, but it isn’t fair to say that a woman has no advantages to a man in anything.

4. Beauty is healthy! Healthy is good! Nobody thinks someone who is fat, grouchy, and rude is attractive, regardless of their gender.

Someone who has a healthy body and has a positive, funny or smart attitude is way more attractive to anyone than someone who isn’t.

5. A Feminist should realize if something bad happens to them, it’s not always patriarchal society’s fault. Most times you have to blame yourself and look at things you can do to improve as an individual before blaming the rest of society.

If you refuse to believe in your own personal responsibility than you won’t get far in life shouting “institutional sexism/racism.”

“I got fired from my job! Just because I’m a woman and not because I look at my phone 24/7 and like to show up late!”

It’s not because you’re a woman. It’s because you’re a bad worker.

6. The final do for feminists is simple. Understand what is equality and what is pushing it over the line. If you want to be completely equal to a man, then expect to be signing up for the draft.

If you want the same jobs as a man, you better be prepared to be working in sewers and shoveling animal remains into a furnace. If you want equal pay, you better be prepared to work just as hard and efficient as the man sitting next to you.


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