1 .The power of starting small

It can be intimidating to think big and wanting to start big. While thinking big is important because it will keep your drive up, starting big is not something you should seek to do.   Most big companies started small and every master was once a beginner.   You have to understand that you don’t have to do something big to become innovative. Success is not about taking big and bold steps. Instead, it is about taking small and consistent steps.   It is true that some people make big decisions that change their life. However, you must understand that long-term success requires consistency over time.

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Lionel Messi and Elon Musk are all successful people in their fields because of the consistent brilliance they have shown over a period of time. But while we are dazzled often by their super-human exploits, the reality is those big actions were preceded by years of small consistent actions that led them to the grand stage of life. The work we do in the dark is what will one day get noticed in the light. The years of practicing, working, studying and honing on our craft day after day, are the small things that will one-day lead to big results.   Don’t expect to produce amazing results right away if you are just starting out in business. It may take months and years to build a truly successful life.   This is why starting small is important. The big breaks will come to you in the process.

2. Deliberate learning

You can be more innovative through deliberate learning. A lot of people get it wrong by thinking that practicing will make them perfect. No, it doesn’t. Practice makes permanent, but not perfect.     Some people practice for the sake of practice. That is why they don’t produce any remarkable results even after years of practice.   You must always remind yourself of the purpose of your training. Why do you want to train in the first place? The majority of people go into training because their coaches asked them to or because it is the right thing to do. And so they do it just for the sake of doing it. Deliberate training is a concerted effort to get better each time we practice. Deliberate training is about learning from mistakes and weaknesses and trying to rectify them the next opportunity we get to do much better. Sometimes we are not objective enough to see our own flaws. Sometimes our ego gets in the way of feedback. People can be malicious sometimes and look for any opportunity to put us down, but if you want to truly evaluate where you are in life, then you will need both internal and external feedback.   That is why you need a coach or a mentor to guide you. They can see what you don’t see because they are not the one who is involved in the process, hence they can be objective.   Tracking your results is important as well. What is the first thing that you must do if you want to lose weight? Weigh yourself.   If you know where you currently stand, you can easily track your progress and improve from there.

Therefore, commit to deliberate training. Track your results and progress. Know if you are moving forward or if you’re going in the wrong direction. And it would definitely help if you get a coach or a mentor to guide you.

3 – Stay Hungry, Stay foolish

People who are innovative are always curious and hungry to learn. They want to improve and do things better.

Soichiro Honda, the guy who founded Honda Corporation, had an intense passion for mechanics and automobiles. He wanted to do something better than Toyota, and so he went on to create his engine piston ring. And that started his journey to becoming one of biggest automakers in the world.

Walt Disney was the same. He was interested in cartoons and loved to draw. Some of his innovative ideas were rejected, but that only made him hungrier for success. And so he went on to create the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse which gave him the name and recognition in the industry.

You must always be hungry to learn and improve while being ready to fail like a beginner. It does not matter if you fail. You have to treat it as a lesson and learn from it.

If you are not hungry to improve and learn new things, you will never grow. People who never grow will also never achieve great success in life and business.


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