This Company Creates Exact Plush Toy Replicas Of Your Pets


Pet lovers and pets are going crazy for Cuddle Clones, and for good reason! The Cuddle Clones toy company will create a stuffed animal that looks just like your pet, and the results are quite impressive. All you have to do is simply send in a photo of your pet and the company generates a stuffed toy clone that literally looks identical to your best animal friend.

Dog-lover Jennifer Graham is the founder of Cuddle Clones. Many years ago, Jennifer was inspired by her Great Dane named Rufus to create custom plush toys. She never acted on her idea until Rufus passed away in 2009, at which point Jennifer decided to turn her idea into a reality. She created a stuffed animal replica of her beloved Rufus as a way to memorialize him, and she hasn’t stopped making stuffed animals since.

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