Anybody with a brother or a sister realizes that sibling competitions are a real thing, yet where do they begin? Well one video of an ongoing ultrasound demonstrates they may start far sooner than once suspected. The clip, which originates from an emergency clinic in China, demonstrates a couple of unborn twin girls that are confronting each other in utero. It’s the same old thing until one of the young ladies punches her sister. The other girl rapidly fires back at her savage sister.

The pair’s dad, Tao, watched everything occur and chuckled with the ultrasound specialist. He told the Daily Mirror, “When we saw this video, it was a major astonishment to us.”

The ultrasound occurred in December and a week ago, the young ladies were born. Their folks nicknamed them Cherry and Strawberry and obviously the children are quite unique. The head of the prenatal center in the clinic where they were conceived stated, “It tends to be risky in light of the fact that it resembles that the twins are developing in the same ‘room’ when ordinarily twins develop in two ‘rooms.’ It happens once in each 30 million cases.”

Up until this point, the sisters are by all accounts getting along well.


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